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Re: Pogo 30

Originally Posted by Mr W View Post

Thanks, but I tried that allready. There was an extra charge of EUR 2,00 for delivery... so I guess it´s not very digital

//Mr W
I also don’t have access to the digital edition of Yacht, but I ran their online summary through Bing’s translator and –where possible- tried to use my little knowledge of the difficult but beautiful German language to convert this to a more or less readable English text:

Exklusiv: Pogo 30 im großen YACHT-Test - Galerie*|*YACHT.DE
(Also check out the pictures there)

Pogo 30 YACHT-test

17.06.2013 Jochen Rieker - YACHT got two days time to try out the quick and easy boat in the Bay of Biscay. An encounter of a special kind.
It is difficult to characterize the recent Pogo without superlatives. She has power in abundance - sail carrying number 5.5, a value that only racing yachts achieve. It weighs a ton (!) less than comparable boats from large-scale production. And thanks to a reduced basic equipment it stays more enjoyable in list price just below 100,000 euro (!).

Who orders meaningful, if not necessary extra tools such as the electro-hydraulic retractable swing keel (minimal depth then 1.05 metres, eased off 2.50 meters), the carbon mast by Axxon, the retractable carbon bowsprit and a set of high-quality sails, navigation electronics, lands at 130,000 euros.
That’s a lot of money for a boat of little more than 9 meters length. But it is well spent. Because with a Pogo, you pay for the omission.

This is reflected in the low displacement of only 2.8 tons, as well as in the very low center of gravity. Therefore, the boat is so nimble it needs no indomitable amount of sail area to be fast. The quality of the GRP works in any case is beyond any doubt. One finds no such precise fit and smooth surfaces on hull, keel and rudders - except on racers.
You must be aware of the interior, not sparse but also not comparable to what other performance cruisers offer. But this is compensated for by the sailing qualities mile for mile - even in light to medium winds, where the Pogo 30 is second to none.

Here is the commented photo gallery with many detailed photos. You can find the extensive test in YACHT 14, now available at the kiosk.

I don’t know the exact definition of the “sail carrying number” (Segeltragezahl 5,5), certainly some kind of SA/D displacement ratio but with figures I am not used to. No doubt however, this points towards excellent performance.

And I am also not familiar with the concept of „paying for he omission“ but I’m sure this also only has to do with both Bing‘s and my own insufficient understanding of German language .

This is of course a much more objective opinion than what the French yachting press can tell us anyway. Also they use, this time more predictably, a lot of superlatives.

I already posted this link to the teaser video of Voiles & Voiliers:
Pogo 30 : digne successeur du 8,50 (teaser)

The „rock & roll“ qualities of the 30‘ are obviously stated, although the more cruising related aspects are better highlighted in the extensive test report and video (subscribers only ).

But I think I can post here my translation of their introduction without violating the copyright of this magazine :

Bigger, stiffer, carrying more sail but also more polyvalent, here is the Pogo 30 that succeeds to the famous 8.50. Designed by Pascal Conq and Pierre Forgia, this new model is the synthesis of the experience of its builder Structures who cultivates very well its different approach.

And their conclusion:

More extreme than its predecessor, the Pogo 30 capitalises on a now recognised concept, with a market consisting of more than a few aficionados. One can like it in its simplest version, but with the right options it can also be an alternative for a 10.50 if one doesn’t have the budget. 10% cheaper than a Sun Fast 3200 or a Malango, the Pogo 30 is also more accessible than many IRC models, which puts it in the middle of the market.

Having seen and read all this, but without having set a foot an the actual boat, let alone sailing it, my first, very provisional and personal opinion is that this looks very much like a downsized 12.50.

So I expect the same performance, which must then sometimes be quite spectacular .
Plus simplicity and efficiency allover, both out- and inside and certainly for the single- or short handed. No fuzz at all but with everything you expect from a fast cruiser available, including comfort.

At least if you can appreciate the minimalistic but otherwise very efficient open and „loft style“ concept. And cope with the inevitable drawbacks of a very light and beamy design (cfr. Paulo’s posts about wave drag), itself very seaworthy (idem about stability).

I personally didn‘t regret our choice for such a unusual design for a second yet. But as said many times before: „de gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum“.
Or as Paulo states even better: „varietas delectat“.

Best regards,

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