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Re: Pogo 30

Originally Posted by EricKLYC View Post
Because with a Pogo, you pay for the omission.

This is reflected in the low displacement of only 2.8 tons, as well as in the very low center of gravity. Therefore, the boat is so nimble it needs no indomitable amount of sail area to be fast. The quality of the GRP works in any case is beyond any doubt. One finds no such precise fit and smooth surfaces on hull, keel and rudders - except on racers.

And I am also not familiar with the concept of „paying for he omission“ but I’m sure this also only has to do with both Bing‘s and my own insufficient understanding of German language .

Eric - What they're referring to by "pay for the omission" has to do with the quality of the lay-up / build quality and finish. In other words, what you're paying for is Structures' ability to precisely control the amount of resin that goes into the hull and results in the low displacement without sacrificing strength and stiffness. In other words, you sacrifice or omit "frills" for race-caliber build and finish. Structures is spending your money on the fundamentals, not on the creature comforts - if you want luxury and comfort at that price point, you have to sacrifice build quality. That's not how they operate and it's why so many people have a high regard for their work.

I have to say that €130K / $170K for a 30-foot performance cruiser with swing keel, carbon rig, sails, and electronics, with race calibre fit-and-finish, strikes me as a pretty attractive package. We're not far from a new Beneteau First 30 (though enough of them are starting to show up on the used market at under €115K / $150K to make that boat a bit more attractive). But nobody will ever confuse the build quality of a Pogo 30 with a First 30, with all due respect to Beneteau, who build solid, high-performance boats, as race results show.

If Paulo hadn't teased me with the new RM 890 recently announced, it would just be a choice between the Pogo 30 and the Malango 888 or 999. Now I'm going to have to think...

We deal in lead, friend.
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