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Re: Feedback and questions please...

Originally Posted by ccriders View Post
Last, but not least, include a spell check in the quick reply panel that runs automatically, like on an iPad. Some posts are almost unintelligible because of spelling.
Not just spelling, but using incorrect words (then/than, to/too/two) and using the infernal crap that some call "texting" (more correctly a lack of text) in posts: IIRC..ROTDLFMFFAO...IMHO.... I don't know what that means usually, and it distracts from an otherwise intelligible post, and abbreviations for places instead of just telling us what places you are talking about (thinking of sailing from VBF to SNK), Oh... well, yes I've sailed to Seoul, North Korea.
I don't mind real typos and such... aw, I'll just shut TF up.
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