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Re: Feedback and questions please...

Originally Posted by ccriders View Post
I don't know how you would do this, but I would like to see a "bookshelf" containing fiction and nonfiction books about sailing in addition to the articles. A netflix type review, quality review (***s) and an ebook source after title and author would add to usefulness. Wading through the good reading thread is tedious and not very informative when looking for something new to read.
Often, as mentioned above, when asking a question in one of the sub forums, very few people see it and consequently even fewer answers are provided. I guess the way to solve this problem is to daily bump it so it gets into the new posts.
Donna turned me on to using google search with sailnet in the search criteria and that works, but it would be nice to be able to search within a topic and find other/older posts on the topic.
For a while I was reading the piracy reports, but that is just satisfying my purient interests. So I stopped. I rarely look at off topic because it is impolite.
Last, but not least, include a spell check in the quick reply panel that runs automatically, like on an iPad. Some posts are almost unintelligible because of spelling.
Most web browsers now have a built in spell check, at least Firefox and Chrome does for sure. I am not sure about any Apple products.

The search function is not good, but that seems to common among all forums, so not unique to Sailnet. I have never understood that.

I would love to see a more organized book review section. I think there was once someone trying to organize one into some sort of spreadsheet but that takes work keeping updated. Links to e-books or even Amazon links is a good source of income for the site. Perhaps a Wiki?

Seems a general Wiki would be good as well. A place to put knowledge base type articles that can be self moderated. Topics could be more like general how to like rig tuning, sailing techniques, anchoring and electronic installs things that are not specific to one model boat. The Wiki format allows it to built up without too much moderation and finding the information is easy. (IE I was interested in how to install refrigeration, but you do a search and there are tons of posts, but it is all broken up into parts of projects not many posts show the project from start to finish) A perfect first WIKI entry would be PorFin's amazing diesel rebuild thread with photos and what not. Product reviews could be included, and perhaps even the boat reviews could be ported over to make them more useable and encourage folks to add more. I am not even sure if you can add new boat reviews as they seem to all be quite old.

The other advantage of a Wiki is that you can reduce the number of stickies and helps solve a bit of the search issue.
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