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Tohatsu help

The Saga that is my sailing season continues.

3 year old Tohatsu 8 hp. Ran fine in a tank at my house pre-season. I transported it to the coast in the correct position.

Still starts easily and runs perfectly smoothly, now that the boat is in the water. Had I not opened the throttle while on the mooring, I would have never suspected a problem.

But, give it a minute amount of throttle, and it responds appropriately, with a slight increase in idle. Give it any more, even very gently, and it dies.

My first thought was air starved/ bad air filter. Or, less likely, not able to draw enough fuel because of a kinked hose, fuel filter, etc. I no longer think that because:
  • I disconnected the tube running from the filter to the carb- no change.
  • I briefly disconnected the fuel line between the carb and the filter, allowing it to run on what was in the fuel line for a bit- no change.
  • And, if I pull the choke all the way out, it runs like it is nearly WOT. RPMs will increase slightly if I am full choke and give it some throttle.

All of the external linkage seems to operate smoothly.

My next thought is to pull the air filter, and to spray carb/choke cleaner directly into the carb, in the hope that there is some internal linkage sticking.

Anybody out there have any other thoughts?
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