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Cruising Skills/Practice

Hello all,

I'm moving onboard a boat I bought (surveyed, good, solid). A Pearson Triton, nicely equipped. My plan is to sail north this summer from Newport, RI. I'm trying to keep my goals to a minimum and focus mostly on being safe and enjoying myself, but I'd like to make it to Maine and if things are going really nicely to Canada. I have 2 or 3 months.

Anyway, I've sailed and raced in small boats quite a bit, and sailed a bit on larger boats, mostly as a kid. I raced in Rhodes 19s last fall and winter and have been sailing them a bit this spring too. I've had a chance to sail in some pretty windy conditions and I feel pretty good about what I'm doing with those boats.

That said, as far as sailing a moderately heavy displacement keel boat, and cruising, my actual hands-on experience is limited. I've read extensively (Pardeys etc) and have a pretty good idea what I need to do. But I'm going to have to put that book knowledge into use this summer.

(please no discouragements if you would. I'm going to do this, regardless, and I think I will be fine).

I'm going to have some time with the boat in Narragansett Bay. I can lay at anchor there for as long as I like while practicing handling this boat. I was thinking of giving myself a cirriculum of things that I should be able to do without fail before I set off. I'm just trying to figure out what that might be.

Things that I've been thinking of
1) Figure 8 mob drill
2) quickstop MOB drill
3) Find a dock or float and do touch and go landings on it from all points of sail (hopefully can find that float somewhere)
4) Anchoring under sail, dropping anchor on a run and into the wind.
5) Pulling the anchor under sail
6) Reefing the main under way (jiffy reefing)
7) changing the furling genoa to the working jib

I have ideas about other things, like maybe doing a slalom course with some little buoys, or things like that. But I was wondering if you might have anything to add to a list of essential skills for cruising? I'd like to leave Narragansett bay feeling very comfortable handling the boat by myself. Any thoughts?
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