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Re: dnf because of county police boat?

Caleb, it definitely sounds like the racer ducked and weaved near the police boat, and the po'd the watercops and it escalated from there.

FWIW, if the official NOAA charts don't mark something as a named channel--it isn't a channel, no matter what the locals call it. You can't be cited for violating a "channel" unless it is legally marked as one on the charts. (Well, you can be cited, but you can get that thrown out by simply pointing out it is incorrect. And then the idiot who wrote it can earn brownie points on his permanent record.)

Lots of upstate NY is political. The lack of qualifications for local justices has made the national news, and the State doesn't want to change it. Local PDs and POs...let's just say there's a reason the State Police consider themselves to be cut from a different cloth than most of the locals including county pd's.

Darting back and forth around a cop of any kind, not a smart idea, on land or sea though.

"Chuckles" Schumer is no friend of boaters or anyone else. He's got a long history of being the first schmuck to open his mouth in front of the cameras anytime there's anything that he can possibly use to get free publicity, while he actually does damn little to build a better state. Chuckles (as in the clown, yes) spouts his yob off every time he can get his face on the Nooze, but don't expect him to actually do anything unless it can buy him large blocks of votes. He and Hillary made a great pair, for a while.
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