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Re: Initial Offer Question

Originally Posted by JimMcGee View Post
Wow guys, go easy on the poor woman.

It's easy to forget that when you're new to this there's a lot to get your head around.

It throws a lot of new sailors that there's really is no such thing as "book value" for boats. Take your car to any three car dealers and the actual appraised value will usually be within $500 (extracting that number from the dealer is another conversation). But with boats NADA is different from BoatUS and both may be different from what the surveyor and the broker say a boat is worth.

There simply aren't enough boats bought and sold to get that kind of granularity. Condition varies widely, equipment is all over the place and prices vary from region to region. Really popular boats are sold in the thousands, cars are sold in the millions.

Is $35K a good price for a particular Sabre 34?

I'd say "good" could easily swing $2,500 in either direction depending how much you or I value the installed equipment.
Actually the price is a little high, compared to several others listed on various sites, but not way out of line. I have not looked at any of them in person, so I cannot say why there are such large differences, but I would have to guess it is that the owner wants to get as much as he can, even in the current market. I know that there are many, and I mean a ton, of 35-45 foot boats out there in the $20,000.00 to $50,000.00 range, a huge difference in the price, and a lot has to do with where you are in the country.

I would say that ragging on her about not buying the first boat she looks at, or taking time to decide on which ones she wants to buy is just mean. I know a lot of people who take time to come around to a decision and then move on the buy. I myself do a lot of research, spend a lot of time looking at what I want to buy, and then I get out my wallet or whatever the case may need to be, and I buy. I may look at a lot of examples of the thing I want to buy, but once I have made up my mind I want something, I always get it.

Now maybe some of you can plunk down $50k without blinking, and if you can that is great, I applaud you for your ability to earn and save, but I cannot right now, not without taking careful consideration of my purchase. If I plunk down the $50k am I going to have to re-plunk with another $50k in repairs and upgrades to get it where I want to be? I think I would rather not do it that way. I would prefer to do it a better way, looking carefully and making a very considered choice, and not spend double my money.

It is good to learn from your mistakes, but much better to learn from the mistakes of others...
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