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Re: Bob Perry's take on Wolfenzee's dream boat

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
There seems to be an attitude expressed by some here that if you don't do it my way you are a fool. My way is the only right way and your way is stupid. I've made my living adapting my design talents to accomodating different aproaches to sailing. They are all "right" for the individual client. There are lots of ways to enjoy sailing. I really don't care so much about how people enjoy sailing. I am certainly not going to get judgmental over it. I try to keep my narrow mind open at all times.
Great point Bob.I remember being in a Jeffries ledge race(it was a CCA overnight race around Massachussetts bay)around 1976 or 77', cant remember clear dates anymore.That year multihulls were entered.Phil Weld,Phil Steggal and walter Greene had there tri's there. I thought they were the neatest thing since sliced bread.The monohull racers were all snickering behind there backs."they arent real boats,they arent safe, blah blah".At the the skippers meeting the start procedure was being explained,You start from anchor.Dick Newick was with Phil Weld,He said rather loudly,'by the time you lead minors get to the first mark,We'll be back mixing drinks'.I wanted to go with them.Years later I read an article about Newick he mentioned how hide bound and traditional the sport of sailing was.4 hours after we started Gulf Streamer went by us, the smaller tris not far behind.That left an impression.When I was younger I was very strident about my views.I became a young crusader for multhulls then and got very obnoxious I am sure.Then I got into Wooden boats and thought that was the only way to go.Now I am happy Sailing.New boats,old boats,mono's,multi's I like them all.I like Brents boats and his approach.There is a place for all of it.It all works.Murray Petereson was quoted as saying what was important to him was how he felt when rowing away from his boat at the end of the day.
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