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Re: Largest Semi-Trailerable Sailboat ??? Seafarer trailer project

Since some you may be building, if I can get it work I'll post some pictures of the trailer project... from the initial donor trailer to what it was under the Bucc, to the 1st mods for this Seafarer and the second mods (rebuild) where it is now. This trailer started life in the 50s or 60s as an old flatbed hauler. It was then stretched by a previous owner via a totally cobbled together tongue extention for his 26 ft cruiser. (pic1) Thats how it was when I bought it in 07. I couldn't handle the cobbled up tongue and totally rebuilt the trailer from the ground up... adding two 20 ft 6"C channels that extended the bed to 24 ft plus another 7 ft into a wrap around tongue and a sliding triple subframe setup. That build took 3 weeks full time 12 hours days (pic2).

I used it this way for 5 years under the Buccaneer, never did get it painted in that life.

Then I bought the Seafarer 30 but it was in Baltimore. I confess I didn't think that through enough, but what it is, is what it is.

Now I need the Bucc off the trailer... none of the local Ohio river could get it high enough to transfer to a yard jockey I built for it setting on top of my flatbed... so I ended up building my own lift. Finally had my trailer freed up to mod for the Seafarer. Since it was so late in the season, I decided not to sell the Bucc until spring.

Installed new Dexter axles due to going to gastopo land, raised the bunkers and added a bow support for rocking control and headed to Baltimore. Set the boat on it... (pic3), but I was not comfortable with the tall bunker support needed, welder issues, and decided to overwinter and redesign the trailer for this boat proper.

Got it home and removed everything that was not needed. Found a freeware Cad program and began designing and engineering. Designed a drop frame system that carries a keel trough as well as held the vertical 2x2 for the center four Brunnel screw pads (pic4).

This spring when the weather warmed (open shop) I started building. It was a bear as my back does not handle heavy lifting anymore and there is no overhead hoist or heavy structure to lift from in that building.

The whole cradle and trough system and the totally rebuilt and stretched totally custom triple group subframe and suspension is movable along the main frame rails... abet with a lot of unbolting and labor... but its not welded in. Didn't have to move it. I worked and worked with the one drawing I had and some measurements I had to determine the exact CG for that keel. Spreadsheets are a wonderful invention. I was within an inch of my anticipated placement for 1200lbs tongue weight (pic4).

I then installed (took the new welder, Baltimore's weather and a bad tarp killed my old one last year) and set up the brunnel wedge frames and screwpads for for and aft support. I could not build these until the boat was in place. Finally it was ready to setup the DOT wideload stuff and strapped it down. Trailer fit the boat like a glove now.

Took it to the closest truck stop and scaled... 22700... 1000 lbs heavier than it was supposed to weigh. Packed up all the tools and welder and boxed up a pallet to send them home via R&L. removed 665 lbs is all but it all counted as I was in gastopo land and the published max for my 01 Dodge was 21800.

I messed up... I should have stopped for a picture in the Alleghenies along the interstate but did think about it. I was more concerned with negotiating the 5 and 6% multi mile downgrades.

Home (pic5)

PS only 5 pics allowed, but you get the idea.... I have a 100 or so from all the trailer builds and mods since 07. If you want to know any details or the engineering... PM me.
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1980 Seafarer Swiftsure 30
1978 Bayliner Buccaneer 270 (now sold and being restored in FL)
1962 SeaMac 14' Plywood Runabout, mahogany decked, with 1959 Evinrude 35 Big Twin (owned since age 17, I'm now 60)

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