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Re: US Navy ship inquiry finished.....

If the ex captain was relying on electronic nav slaved to electronic charts as his sole nav aids then he is part of a larger problem with many boaters today. You correlate your position with known visible waypoints/other islands etc. (He was in an area that has roughly 10,000 islands) Ignoring alarm signals of his equipment, disregarding rules, regulations etc. Totally believable as he ran aground due many such factors. Including ignoring all the layers of personnel below him whose sole job is to navigate, stand watch etc. So when a poster says herr durr it is not his fault he relied on incorrect electronic charts given to him and then he ran onto a reef..... you think he should be cut some slack?.......please stay off the water and do your sailing dockside. If you rely only on electronic nav aids and DO NOT stand watch, refuse to correlate visible landmarks with what your charts are telling you, failing to communicate with appropriate local vessels, and ignoring authorities trying to warn you of something just will sooner or later make a "mistake". At least no one died from this captains choices.
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