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Re: Help pinpointing a leak

Originally Posted by jameswilson29 View Post
How could this have possibly occurred without anybody knowing anything about anything?

(I don't know nuttin' about nuttin', I swear!)

Do nuts suddenly loosen off keel bolts to this extent of 2 gallons of water ingress per day?

Now, you are out $3,500 for a repair you could have done yourself with a socket wrench, a tube of 5200, a haulout, and a few hours of work. Maybe you are making $10K a day, so it is worth it to you?

It all sounds a bit suspect to me. You buy a boat. It is launched in your absence. It suddenly displays a serious leak. You are separated from $3,500 of your hard-earned cash.

(Darn my critical thinking skills; I would probably be happier if I were more trusting/gullible like most folks.)
Well, I'm certainly not happy about the situation, but there isn't a whole lot I can do about it. I had a survey by a surveyor with seemingly impeccable credentials. The previous owner told me the boat was dry and I believe him as he didn't have a bilge pump on it. I also believe he wasn't aware of a keel issue as he was prepared to take it on a race to Mackinac. Not to mention, the fact he is a member at our yacht club, checks in constantly on the boat, invited us sailing on his boat and lives on the North Shore there's no logic to him trying to make a dirty profit on the boat.

It terms of the boat launch happening outside my presence, maybe this is an odd thing at smaller boat yards, but I don't think many folks in Chicago see their boats launched. We have the largest public marina system in the nation and I'm at the largest yard in the city - in spring they launch boats morning till night and raft them 4 deep on docks - some weekends in May there are 60 boats departing each day. My anger is over the fact that I emailed the yard about the weep I saw on the keel and never heard back before the launch.

I'm also curious how a keel bolt comes that loose, but, as it was under the mast I didn't observe it.

The $3500 stings, but, when I bought a 30 year old C&C I hoped to keep for another 10 or 15 years I knew at some point I would be spending money to rebed the keel - just didn't think it would be a month after launch. It would have been nice to save the money and gain the experience of doing this myself, but it's also nice to have the piece of mind it was repaired correctly as we plan on crossing the lake several times this summer, will Mac race the boat, etc. I find it odd to suggest that unless I make $3.65 million a year I shouldn't be able to part with $3500 for a boat repair.

Bottom line, I'll stop short of agreeing I'm in this situation because I'm too trusting or gullible (my gf thinks i'm the most cynical person in the world ). I live in a city where I can't walk half a mile without some one trying to run some lame hustle on you; "my wife's pregnant, lend me bus fare to get to the hospital" or "shine your shoes up for $5" and some guy sprays soapy water on your shoes and wipes them with a filthy rag then demands money.

Lesson learned is that next boat I buy, I'll want a sea trial, maybe with a surveyor along on that as well. My anger here is directed at the yard, I'm positive they should have noticed this when they lifted it out of the cradle (no one could give the keel a quick shake before dropping in the water?)
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