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Re: Do you wear a life jacket?

Originally Posted by downeast450 View Post
To make an excuse for not wearing one...Oops, did I say "excuse"? I meant "reason" is simply, selfish. It won't be your problem if something you didn't anticipate takes your life. It will be, one of the worst imaginable problems, for those you leave behind.

Wear your pfd.!! Even if it only means your kids or your widow will collect the insurance they need, in a timely way, to survive without you. Why not?

I had a serious reply about judging people by your prejudices... I mean "standards" but then I found an excuse... sorry, "reason" not to. I found my next PFD. Awesome!

O.K. I changed my mind.

This drives me nuts. Whether I agree with you or not is irrelevant. I respect your opinion but that is all it is - an opinion. You have made your risk/reward assessment and based on your your circumstances and risk tolerance, you have determined what is right for you. Great! But now you are telling everyone else that we should think the same as you or we are making excuses and being selfish.

Thank you for your concern but I prefer to think for myself and make my own determination. Thankfully, I am still allowed to do that. I said previously, I wear a life jacket when I think that it is appropriate. What is appropriate for me may or may not be appropriate for others.

As a final thought, I would argue that overall wearing my life jacket, which has a harness, spray hood, crotch strap and has a VHF and PLB attached "when appropriate", is inherently safer than wearing a regular inflatable from the second that you can smell the sea. But I've seen too much to think that I am completely safe or that anyone who doesn't agree is selfish and making excuses.

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