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Re: Transport of boat over land

Originally Posted by bobmcgov View Post
Taken off transporter's trailer. Mast stood back up, rigging tuned, mast boot in place, etc. Some truckers won't move a boat with diesel in the tank, so engine will need bleeding. Maybe bottom paint, which usually takes a beating in transit. Then dry storage, or putting it back in the water. It cost us $2k to have our boat decommissioned in Chicago -- hauled, powerwashed, put on stands; mast dropped and rigging removed ($600 right there); placed on transporter's trailer. Bit over two grand for probably four man-hour's work. Just something to consider: if de-comming at one end and commissioning at the other, you might easily double the cost of actual road transport with marina fees.

I ain't psychic, exactly -- just went thru overlanding a very similar 30' boat 1000 miles last December. The VISA card is still recovering.
WOW! I have transported several yachts on specialized trailers made specifically for transporting boats, and if you got bottom damage in transport you need to take it up with the carrier's insurance. I will not haul a vessel with fuel, water, or waste in the tanks as the motion will possibly cause it to leak or spill on board, but that is not something that is hard to plan for, you either siphon it out or run it dry.

The decommissioning is not part of what the transportation company is usually responsible for, though I know we would have quoted a turnkey price on the move if asked to, we would have subcontracted the marina or a crane to load and unload and hired outside boat mechanics to step the mast and de-rig and re-rig it on either end.

I personally would have charged you a lot more than $5,000.00 for the 1200 mile move, probably about $7,500.00 but when we were doing it all of our drivers hauled yachts daily. We were the in house carrier for Brunswick Marine, and several other manufacturers and hauled both new and used boats on those trucks all the time. We had the right equipment to keep from beating up the boats and the insurance to cover any damage. Any reputable transporter with the proper equipment can quote you a price, get on the internet and google "yacht transportation" and start getting quotes. Get at least ten, maybe more, it costs nothing to get a quote, and if someone wants to charge you for a quote tell them you will look elsewhere.

Be sure that the company you hire actually owns the equipment, and will not broker out the load to someone else. Make sure that they have plenty of insurance and check them out thoroughly. That is the best way to find out the real costs involved in moving the boat.

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