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Re: Transport of boat over land

Originally Posted by bobmcgov View Post
Not bottom damage -- just rubbing off the ablative bottom paint where the supports ride. Even the best trailers are gonna wear the pad areas thin, if a soft paint was used. So you'll need to plan at least a touch-up bottom job before relaunching. It ain't an insurance claim, but the accepted wear and tear of road transport -- which is acknowledged in the standard contract as the owner's problem.

I clearly placed commissioning and decommissioning costs with the marinas, not the transporter. They will still need to be paid. My point was the trucking might be the cheap part. We paid more for the marina work at one end, plus renting a 20,000# forklift for unloading the boat at our end, than we paid for the actual 1000 mile truck delivery. Involve a second marina, you are gonna pay a round thousand for mast work alone. $13.50 a foot at Crowley's Yacht Yard.

That's why I suggested the OP should at least price on-the-water delivery service against the total cost of overland transport -- not just a freight quote, but all up. Does Dockwise make that run? *checks* Doesn't look like it.
I see now what you are talking about. I personally had several layers of padding, and the tie downs to make it fast to the trailer and air ride suspension on the trailer and the truck. I never had a claim against me, and we had extremely low claims against the entire company. I would go out in a truck and actually move boats at times just as part of the perks of being high enough up the food chain to get away with a trip like that haha. I have seen damage done to ablative paint, and the softer it is the easier it is to rough it up, I guess that would not be a claim issue.

The cost of a Captain and crew may be less than the ground move, I know I would consider it, probably do it myself if I could swing the time on it and it was my boat. I would say he may be able to get it done for a reasonable rate. The other option is to sell it in LA and buy something in Seattle...might work out, who knows.

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