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Originally Posted by mark2gmtrans View Post
Once more, the chart plotter mentioned in accidents above was not to blame, the Captain was driving his boat without paying attention to things around him. I have to say some people just are never going to get it, the electronics should not be sailing your vessel, you as the Captain must sail the vessel. The same accidents can happen when a Captain is looking through his bifocals at his charts. In Spanish we have a saying, a word really, envergado I won't translate it to closely but it means you screwed yourself...sort of... by getting stuck on it.
Looks like the equivalent in Norwegian might be "Slitt"...


According to Geir Skoglund, vice president of loss prevention for the Norwegian Hull Club, “Despite having far more sophisticated equipment, [boats] are currently twice as likely to have an accident due to navigational error than they were five or six years ago.”

Dockwalk - The Essential Site For Captains And Crew - DockTalk

In the winter of 2003, the tug North Service was pushing the tank barge Energy 5501 when it ran aground near the Norwalk Islands off Connecticut, puncturing holes in all six starboard tanks and spilling 2,500 gallons of heating oil into the water.

According to documents provided by the U.S. Coast Guard, the captain had plotted a foul weather route using the electronic chart navigation tools. The official cause of the accident was that neither the captain nor the mate had double checked the route against a paper chart and they had failed to recognize a charted navigation hazard on the plotted course – in other words, human error.


According to one of the Coast Guard investigators, “This case highlights the fact that mariners are using electronic chart systems (ECS) without adequate knowledge of how to best use these systems. Nor do they necessarily understand the functional differences that exist between paper and electronic charts…. This is evident in the manner in which the master plotted for the heavy weather by zooming out to maximize the area displayed on the screen rather than ensuring that the chart was displayed at the proper scale.”
I would guess Mr. Skoglund probably has access to some "facts" to support such an assertion, no? (grin)

Norwegian Hull Club

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