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Re: Am I an 'operator' at anchor?

There's an interesting undercurrent that runs through this and other threads on this topic -- distrust of law enforcement.

Most people on this board are law abiding citizens who've never committed a serious crime. Yet many posters are leery of law enforcement.

This was not always the case. I grew up in a town where I knew all the cops. When I got a little older I'd gone to school with a lot of them and occasionally watched football with a bunch of them. But I've noticed a VERY different attitude among younger cops and even the older guys seem more insulated. The times I've brushed up against law enforcement recently have left me feeling distrustful as well.

Unwarranted harassment doesn't seem to be a rare story anymore, whether it's the potty police in Florida, harassment on the Hudson or running a gauntlet of traffic cops on the drive to your boat.

It used to only be people on the fringes distrusted the police. How did this become acceptable behavior?
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