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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Originally Posted by tashahacker View Post
Originally Posted by hannah2 View Post
I've posted on this subject way back and I see there are new dreamers without a chance to make it work because they have every excuse in the world.
My wife and I leave tomorrow for the start of our third journey around the world or close to it. We are 60, my first time was at 20 back in 1972, I was shat poor but made it work, why? Because I wanted to and nothing was going to stop me. The excuses here are the same as back in 1972, exactly the same. Most of you won't ever get it done, you will just talk about it till you get tired of hearing your own excuses and move on to some other thing to have excuses for. I'm not rubbing it in I mean no bad feelings but that is the way it has been and will always be. Some live the dream and some just dream and most others don't even dream. Nothing has changed, blame the world for your sorry ass reasons why you can't get it done.

Good luck to those who make it.


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I'm not sure if you noticed the cruisers who responded at the start of this thread (a very long time ago) with the blogs of young cruisers they've met out there sailing (including me and my husband), but it's clear there ARE a large number of young people out cruising. And not just cruising -- I follow a lot of Travel Blogs, and there are even more travelers and adventurers out there living their dreams, though not on boats. I love reading about people taking steps towards fulfilling their dreams on and off boats, however long it takes them to get there.

But even if the numbers of young cruisers WERE dwindling, I'm baffled by posts by people like you who seem to just want to knock people down for not being as good as you, for not living the way you are living. If you want to be a helpful voice on this forum, why not offer encouraging words to boost people's confidence that they CAN live their dream, whatever that may be, and give them stories of overcoming hardship successfully rather than filling threads with negative comments like, "Nothing has changed, blame the world for your sorry ass reasons why you can't get it done" and dismissing anyone who hasn't gotten over their fears or obstacles to be more like you.

If you really are living your dream, I would think you would be a bit happier, more patient and a bit more encouraging to people trying to get to where you are.
Actually, if you go back and re-read hannah2's earlier posts to this thread, I think you'd realize how wrong your characterization of their point of view is...

Few people contributing to this thread have more solid credentials from which to evaluate how worldwide cruising has evolved over the last few decades, and it appears you've largely missed the point he's attempting to make...
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