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Re: Bob Perry's take on Wolfenzee's dream boat

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
You mean Dove IV was built 5 years ago for $35K...

...despite the fact that it's listed as a 2002?

On the year discrepancy, I'll take that to mean that Bushnell started the boat in 2002, and it took them 6 years to finish it. Otherwise, your numbers are pretty crappy.

On the price, if you're trying to convince the poor 99% cruiser that this is what they can get for $35K all-in, I call BS (and that doesn't stand for Brent Swain). SSB, Radar, Chartplotter, Fab All Furnace, 35 hp Isuzu...etc. A fine list of yachting absurdities.

So are these guys lying about the year of the boat and pumping the price up to twice its actual value? How is that fair to the 99%-er? You have some 'splainin' to do!

Dude, please. I'm starting to think you've hit plenty of odd rocks - with more than a tiny paint chip to show for it.

I think Bob was looking for this...

Honestly, Brent, I'm begging you - just be straight up with people. Stop trying to make everything you do look like the be-all in yachting. You do some very cool things. I mean that. But you completely dump all over it with your obviously bs-laden claims.
When I asked Winston when he launched he said " 5 years ago. When I asked him what she cost, he said "Around $35 k" So your gripe is with Winston not me. I wasnt about to call him a liar, so you can, to his face. I'd like to be there when you do.
I was just given another SSB- Ham radio for free, my second freebe ham radio . Winston has many similar expereinces, as he is very quick to do favours for others, anyone can do that.
I sailed many years without radar, never had a fab all, my wood stove cost me $50 for stainless .I have never had a chartplotter, th efirst diesel for my current boat cost me$1,000. What Winston was quoting was the cost of geting sailing and livable , the toys all come later, without which one can do many years of cruising.
I have never suggested that anyone can buy one of my boats cheap and get al the work and resourcefuillness the owner put in for free. One can build and equip their own brentboat for a fraction the cost of having one built. Do you work for free? No? Then dont expect others to.
John Sampson, when he started the ferro cement boat craze, said he told people that if they used galvanized rigging built their own masts, used automotive engines andused sails and other used sailng gear they could get cruising inexpensively. So what did they do? Bought all new sails, new rigs, new marine engines, lined the boat inside and out with teak and expensive bells and whistles, paid others to do everything at shop rates . Then what did they do? Complain that it was not cheap, then called John a liar. John was being totally honest in teling them that they could build their own boat for a low cost IF THEY FOLLOWED HIS ADVICE, which they refused to do, then blamed thimm for their own stupidity.Then they called him a liar , not for what he said ,but for his having assumed they had listened to what he actually did say!
When you ask for a price breakdown on building my boats, you are asuming that my clients are incredibly stupid enough to buy everything new, at retail prices. They are definitely not that stupid. Most are far more practical and resourceful that that ,unlike those who foolishly assume that they are as dense as the average urban consumer, an extreme insult to their intelligence and resourcefulness. A friend was given an old boat, rotten, with a good mast, rig sails, winches , anchors anchor rodes, runing rigging ,etc etc. a freebe. How many more price zeros can a resouceful home builder put on your proposed list? Winston had many.There is no predicting what kind of deals a resourcful home builder will come up with, so such a list is only valid for the super dense, urban consumerism disciple. Those kind of halfwits are not amoung my clients.I would rather send them to Bob.
When I started my current 31 in 84 , I had $4,000 to my name ,total. When I launched her 30 day later ,I had $40. People at Newcastle marina at the time including Gerald, Evan and Winston can afirm the build to launching time. From there to sailing and living aboard, minus my cost of living, was $2,000 left for the boat.Mainsail Sig Jantzen sold me for $100 the awning I made my jib out of cost me $80 , interior panneling freebe, dito the 3/4 and 3/8th plywood.

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