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Re: Bob Perry's take on Wolfenzee's dream boat

Originally Posted by Jeff_H View Post

You love saying this kind of unsubstantiated malarkie but in all the years that we have had these discussions you have yet to put up a single calculation to support your claims or refute mine. In past debates on this topic I put up spreadsheets with calculations supporting my claims which were footnoted to actual reference sources so that you could refute the basis of those calculations. When you make these kinds of statements in the absense of anything more than unsupported claims and hyperbole, it makes it very hard for you to maintain any kind of credibility.

Check for the books 'Around the World on Viski" by Don Shore, " Arctic Oddysy " by Len Sherman. "Northwest Passage on Ten Dollars a Day " by George Hone, and "No Fixed Address"by Clive Hamman for substantiation, unless you consider all these people and their crews liars, as determined by armchair experts who were not there, but can tell by their telepathic powers what really did or did not happen.
These are actual experiences, not abstract calculations, which have far less relevance, unless you are ready to tell NASA that they are wasting their time on testing gear to destruction, as you can give them far more accurate calculations than reality, on your computer. Perhaps you can save Ralph Nader a lot of product testing expenses, by telling him that he need only read the price tag on any item to find how good it is, or simply double the price on anything, to double the quality automatically.
One need only cruise the BC coast to find many of my boats cruising, and willing to tell you what they have expereinced in cruising them. Best get your advice on any boat, from those using them, not from those who have rarely, if ever, seen one.You dont have to cruise far to find one. What they have to say is far more valid than your armchair calculations, unless you consider anyone who disagrees with foregone, armchair conclusions, based on zero expereince in the boat being discused , to all be liars.
I dont need calculations to know that a 4 inch sch 40 stailnless pipe welded in to the deck, and a plate ten inches below it ,welded to the hull is stronger than a bolted down pot metal cleat.I dont need any calculations to know that a half inch stainless rod chock, fully welded into the steel bulwark is stronger than a bolted down "yachtie" chock on a teak rail. I donty need calculations to know that a 34 inch high, solid stainless sch 40 pipe rail is safer than knee high ""yachtie" plastic coated rails, the stanchions made out of something slightly thicker than stainless tinfoil. I don't need calculations to realise that an on epiece aluminium hatch is more waterproof, easier to use, and and tougher than a decorative teak sliding hatch and dropboards, a hairbrained arrangement. I dont need calculations to know that hands on building and cruising experience over 40 years produces a far better and more practical boat than calculatuions made by the best comnpruter whiz with minimal if any low budget ocean cruising expereince, off the beaten path. I dont need calculations to look at a 2x4 alongside a 4x4 and figure out which is the strongest.I dont need calculations to se that 3/16th aluminium block cheeks are stronger than plastic ones.I dont need calculations to see that the parts which make up a $30 block can be easily made in minutes ,out of less than $2 worth of material. Computers are no substitute for logic, and comon sense. abandoning the later and relying too much on the former, makes for many screwups.
Lack of logic has made many boats excessively expensive ,complicated and impractical for cruisers.

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