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Re: Anchor Setting Woes

Originally Posted by Maine Sail View Post
Just wondering out loud here but does that micro-burst at 3:00 am that rotates you 180 degrees and blows 50 knots allow your anchor to "settle" before it begins its abuse on your "coaxed and coerced" set.....?????

Who is allowing your anchor to "settle" on a re-set in the middle of the night? Does Mother Nature care? Do you get up at 3:00am and go through the motions all over and coax it to set, then wait a half hour, dringk a cocktail, then back down a little more then wait some more, then apply 1000RPM to finally test it? How do you ever get any sleep..?

Sorry but if an anchor needs to "settle" and needs coersion or coaxing it is not the anchor I want, and I've owned and currently own them....

This is just SOME of the anchors I own (some of these are lawn ornaments to me and will never be used again):

We can set any of our new gen anchors, Spade, Rocna, Manson Supreme or Mantus within inches then apply at wide open throttle and bury it into the bottom measured in feet not inches.

I want an anchor that sets, and more importantly RESETS, all on its own without caressing, whispering in its ear or coaxing it to set.....


You're not quite understanding the process/situation. I guarantee you there are some soft mud places where a quick, hard set WILL NOT work with any of your anchors. Or even with all of them!! In tandem!!

When you let the anchor settle, it's getting down past the soft soup into harder bottom where it will set well. You know my boat, 30,000 lbs or more. I have the Manson Supreme 45 lb. with 200' of chain. Most of the time, in the Chesapeake, I will drag the Manson even with 7:1 if I throttle up very much at all. But wait a few hours and then throttle up full, no problems.
The raft up I mentioned previously here. I could feel a very slight drag when I put the anchor down and throttled up a bit. Tight anchorage and zero wind. So we rafted 6 good sized boats to me and then the wind started changing 90 degrees at a time. We turned 360 over about 12 hours with winds picking up to around 12 or so off and on. We didn't budge.

You Mainers are Soooo impatient!
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