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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Want to know why im the only 25way year old i know who owns his own sailboat and actively sails it solo?
because its hard work and damn expensive and sometimes scary as hell.

Its much easier to play w.e. video game is popular right now, smoke a fatty and get some moochy from your girl in a nice air conditioned and safe apartment.

Sailing is dirty, sweaty, slow, scary (for solo) and expensive. Must people my age dont even read more than 160 characters at a time, the limit of most text messages.

Sure everytime i say to some chich or dude i live on my own boat theyre always like thats so awesome and cool i wish i could do that, but really they dont. They just see a nice white pretty sailboat and have no idea what it takes to even get it safely away from the dock.
hell sometimes i envy the power boaters myself...

I used to dream of circumnavigation but now i realize id be bored out of my mind most the time. Instead i will just island hop and visit all the cool places around the carribean then sell the boat and begin my land adventures over seas starting in india.

I love my boat, as fickle a bi**h as she is sometimes. Simply put most folks my age are lazy as hell and broke from buying designer shades, good pot, and name brand liquor. Girls want make up and extensions not sweat and raw knuckles from banging around on diesels.

Guys just want to visit islands not spend the time plotting courses, learning navigation, or maintaining a sailing vessel.

Ive been at this two years and the only other guy i know under thirty is a guy i took out sailing who fell in love and worked two jobs until he too bought his first boat. We are good friends.

Not a lot of young people sail because it takes a special breed and a hard work ethic that sadly has been lost or forgotten among many of my peers.

Nothing better than a solo sail in 15 to 20 with a nice angle of heel and a sunny sky.
nothing worse than a run away diesel and rocks bring you and your creation closer to doom every second.

Most people my my age dont want the responsability. Its a lot of work owning and maintaing a sailboat.most people my age would simply rather say cool i wish i could do that then actually do it.

All the power to you circumnavigators. Takes balls of brass to cross open oceans. of course those balls get smaller with every extra set of hands. Me being a solo sailor, no thanks. Two or three day crossings are just fine for me. I still own my own boat and i still know my bowditch and chapmans. Its not that i couldnt do it, i just know i dont want to. Ive nothing to prove to anyone except myself. Its my life and my boat.

Still looking for that twenty something hottie to come anchor next to me. That would be something. Alas, they are too busy sunning themselves on the beach and talking to jenna about how robs such a douche bag for buying two carats instead of three.
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