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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

spent three days reading this thread..

Rather than why are there so few, how about why are there so many, and going to be more as time goes on?

Sailing is a sustainable means of transportation, it doesn't require non-renewable gasoline, if an engine is really desired can be bio-diesel.
peak oil, carbon, methane, toxic fumes yadda yadda blah blah blah...
Why not get a drivers license? (though I have one) Because it's just more burden on the environment. If you have the time, you can go anywhere by bike, sailboat or hike, all eco-friendly means of transportation.
people have crossed america in as little as a week using pedal power alone with streamlined recumbent bicycles (commercially available).

Anyways I have a rather different perspective from my peers (I'm 25), as spirituality has always been important to me. When I went through my "enlightenment/awakening/illumination" I came to realize that harming others, including plants, animals, things and the planet was harming me -- so obviously I stopped that, and started doing as much good as I could for all those. BTW it really hurts me that someone actually said they liked mowing, that's like saying they like to cut tall poppies, clear cutting forests, and destroying nature for the sake of conformational pleasure.

In current society we have united-nations supporting sustainable development (planet), peta supporting animals, organic farming supporting plants, and diyers supporting things, with ancient animism encapsulating all. So I live sustainably, am mostly vegan, eat organic food, and Do It Myself as much as possible.

School was a boring daytime prison, fortunately for me I managed to sleep through most of it, as I would stay up late at night instead researching things that interested me.
For other people however, school is something likeable, the indoctrination is that they need to become slaves to the dollar (jesus), the banks (holy spirit) and the government(god). They unfortunately believe that school is all the learning they needed to do, so didn't do the research when for instance buying up 200k condos, in an 80% over-inflated real-estate market (Canada), in the midst of the beginning of the bubbles deflation.

All that stuff, with the whole people not making enough money, or economy not being good, is just people that have made bad life decisions from not knowing how to learn for themselves, mostly anyways. It's part of natural selection, they may like choices that makes it So expensive for them to live they can't have children, well then they get Darwin awards, for taking their own .... er lets put it lightly unadaptability ... out of the gene pool.

Anyways long story short, I remembered my past lives, many had sailing, such as viking, merchant and pirate. Back then there was no "cruising" per say, it was mostly task-oriented sailing, such as for transportation.
Though admittedly as the centuries have been rolling by, more and more time can be spent on a boat.

Only a couple centuries ago Yachts were invented, the earliest clubs being in the 1700's. Living aboard a cruising yacht didn't happen till early 1900's Harry Pidgeon the first cruising liveaboard on record to my knowledge.
Since then cruising and living aboard has experienced exponential growth.

With the Canadian housing bubble on the verge of collapse, the world's strongest economy is about to falter. If things get bad enough -- which the rich, banks and governments are really trying to accomplish. Then people will be Forced to live sustainable eco-friendly lives. As they simply wont be able to afford buying useless crap (cars, processed-food, condos, big houses, suburbs).
More will likely have to turn to living on boats, trailers, farms.

In all my lifetimes, there has never been such a ridiculous overabundance of wealth just pouring in every door, nook and cranny -- just yesterday I found a toonie($2) on the ground. Neither my wife or me, work for others/money, we have an apartment in an upscale neighbourhood, eat delicious organic food, have a baby, and still manage to save $250-$500 a month towards a sailboat and property. We already have more than enough to buy a boat, though plan is to learn the ropes and engine some more on these new yachts (quite different from the schooners of yesteryear) before moving aboard, and let the little one at least get to solid foods and walking, so mommy has more time and energy for the move. We live way better than royalty did a mere millenia ago. I could get a job if I wanted to, I get job offers frequently, though really I don't need the money... and rather spend the time with family. If I ever want anything, typically I just cast a magic spell, and in a little while it arrives.

We have an annual family income of less than 30k courtesy of God (the government) -- didn't know they gave out free money before casting for stable income for doing nothing. Admittedly it's a smart thing they did, social-security or SIN as it's called in Canada (social insurance). if they weren't robbing the rich for the benefit of the poor in an automated fashion, I'd have to go back to piracy, as been doing for millenia. Those skills aren't required in this lifetime at the moment, working on new skills, like long-life having a family and garden. Though if TSHTF hard enough maybe will have some fun :-) Yarr. Most likely it wont though, and technology going to keep going forward towards the technological singularity, then can have fun with reproducing robots :-) om. Hey that'll also be more young "people" even if robots, since this world is water, best way to get around to remote areas outside government-control is via the water -- would probably have to dodge all those luddites that don't like self-replicating robots.

Anyways, ya, so young people go sailing, that's for sure, when I took a dinghy sailing course most of them were young. Not as many at keelboat clubs, though a few ya.

I wouldn't worry about the young-adults, or older adults, some will work themselves to death and an early grave doing what they were told was right. Others will do what they like, and live a long happy life doing it.

I find video-games atrociously boring, for boys anyways it's usually them "kill sport games", which don't in any way match up to the real thing, or how it was when we played those games IRL centuries ago.
I like IRL games(life lessons), and IRL people that's true love,
the virtual stuff is just negotiations (a crush perhaps),
at some point gotta decide,
and do it IRL.

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