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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Elspru what an awesome mentality. We have much in common. I will pm you later to find more about you.

Aberahamx, you make plenty of money sir. I think you just choose to have too many expenses. House, cars, tvs, eating out perhaps? Ive never made more then 25ki in my life until this year and let me tell you if i spent two years making 70 i would have no debt, a nice boat, a new vespa scooter, and be taking vacations to india, burma, costa rica, thailand ect where my dollars stretched like warm plastic.

Perhaps instead of focusing on your investments you should focus on expenses?

For all i know yo putting three kids through college and supporting a wife in chemo which would make you a saint. I know nothing of your personal situation. I just know the more stuff we buy the less freedom we have. Good luck to you sir.

Capt. Aaron well done truly. My boat is basic but it does have gps and an inboard diesel and a solar panal and three batteries and an inverted.

This is why i moved to new smyrna beach where my world class sailing uncle and semi world grandfatjer live. Yesterday i got my first real grip on dead reckoning. After my college astronomy class i will learn from them my sextant and celestial nav although i wonder if really irs worth it since light pollution is taking away all the stars.

However by next summer my gps will be a knot reader only. I want to be able to navigate and chart by hand and instrument only.

Your right about the bahamas. When i was a boy most the boats were under thirty five feet now they are all forty five or up with older ppl on board. Thats why i plan to head south past exuma to the out islands. Self sufficency is my goal. Right now i moved, or motored here, two weeks ago. Tonight i start work a t the best restraunt in town as a server from four to ten and monday i start for century mngt as a maintenace man pulling sixteen per hour. So im looking at about forty five k atleast this year. Thats twenty more than ive ever had. So exciting because i only need six or seven hunrded a month to cover all expenses so i should be able to save over twenty this year alone. Good thing i already have my passport!

If you work hard and give effort good thingd will come. If you sit around waiting for oppurtunity to find you expect to be there awhile. Where do you live now capt. Aaron?
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