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Re: The Search Widens Before it Narrows

Originally Posted by Jeff_H View Post
Obviously this may be regional but around here both the housing market and boat market seems to begun rebounding. And yes there are neglected boats getting dumped at 50% of former prices but better designed, built and maintained examples have not dropped anywhere near that.
Some of the boats I am talking about are not neglected, most are not anywhere near new, but even some in the 2005 more or less range are going very well below asking. I think that what will eventually hurt the market on used boats in your area there in the North East is going to be the glut of boats on the market after Sandy. In my experience of buying and selling stuff any time there is a lot of stuff on the market it drives the price on most of it down. However, there will be a premium on boats with no damage at all that are very well maintained.

If you are trying to sell one you will be pressed to get what you would have been able to get for something about like it ten years back, and you will also need to do something that I know you would, but so many do not.....Clean it up, make it absolutely tidy and neat and clean and sparkly before having the sales broker come take photos. I hate to see a boat with crap in the toilet, stuff in the sink, and clothes all over the place, because I know that if the owner did not keep his vessel ship shape in all conditions, he surely did not do maintenance as he should have done.
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