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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

Originally Posted by Harborless View Post
Im inclined to think that this boat being so long as well as old simply broke apart from serious wave actions. I read the boat was excellently maintained but its still 80a plus years old and i assume made of wood. All it takes is for a weak point to exist or develop. I think this boat was broken by a wave and sank in seconds or minutes. Its been over 3 weeks and they were in hurrican winds. The boat was too long for such an extended pounding and too old to be counted on to maintain structual inegrity for such a pronounced series of low pressure storm cells and hard wave action.

I get no joy from writing this but i do not think we will ever hear from this boat or crew again. Metal or fiberglass even after eighty years wear down. I think such a long wooden boat, a racing style no less, simply met her match and lost.

I hope im wrong.
Wood is one of most fatigue resistant materials know to man. That is why trees can flex and bend many hundreds of years without breaking.

Everything points to Nina being well maintained. It is possible the owners missed something in an overhaul or haulout but that is true of any boat. As long as the fastenings are good and there is no rot and no termites, her being long or more than 80 years old means nothing.
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