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Re: Downside of living aboard

Originally Posted by xort View Post
If you are attracted to the life, try it and decide you don't like it; you failed to foresee the problems. Failure. Oh my god, FAILURE! kill yourself, you failed! Or is failure no longer accepted? Not PC to call it what it is. No more failing grades in school, everybody gets promoted.
I'm not into the whole PC thing. Neither am I into black or white thinking... which your original post and this follow-up seems to indicate. While I get that you perceive someone as a failure for going back to land (your prerogative), I was and am challenging your rather sweeping generalization that they are failures in all walks of life. Hence, when they return to land, they will fail there as well. But, hey, if it makes you feel better to believe that we live in a world where there are ONLY winners OR losers, by all means, have at it. *shrugs*
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