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Re: Sailnet Changes

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Actually I realy dont want industry involvement here at all in the postings. If I have a technical industry question I will contact the specific purveyor. To me its better if their contained in a specific area.

What I dont need is competing anchor companies, software companies, cluttering up the site. A few times some of them or their proxies have snuck on giving advice, siggestions, endorsements and the average or new poster doesnt realizie they are responding from a purely commercial company point of view.

Even with your posts I have to take them with a discriminating eye sometimes because you own Active Captain and I have found some of your opinions may be based on that. (BTW- I Like AC and use it frequently).

Having commercial posters is a trickly issue. I certainly am not a proponent either of the currect policy of allowing only the commercial interests who support Sailnet financially to be the only ones who can post one here. At least segregating them to a specific area would be somewhat better.

As a specific example Mantus is a financial supporter of SN. This is not about whether they have a superior or good product or not. There are many other anchors out there like Rocna/ Manson etc. Mantus very cleverly either start a thread or respond to a current anchor thread keeping their name in the forefront in the regular threads. Very smart marketing technique. I dont begrudge them for doing it, its just that they are the only ones allowed to "advertise" because they pay the freight.

I agree, all you have to do is look at some of the anchor threads, especially the big one over at Anything-Sailing, where there were agents and or interested parties posting and stating they "had no interest" and what not but were obviously from Ronca. A check on IP address usually ferrets them out, though it gets pretty obvious when all there posts are about one thing, and always in the favor of one company.

And there was the recent bit of personal attacking between a couple of vendors that got censored. Vendors posting on forums rarely turns out good for the product they are trying to sell. I have always thought the Mantus postings were a bit odd, as they seem to be the only one allowed to do it, and posting like it is news is almost like the ads in magazines that make themselves look like news articles. I have to say Mantus does do a good job but it is always seems to be teetering on disingenuous to me.

Oh and having two log-ins would violate the terms of service anyway.
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