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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

I'll tell what I do know. Captain David Dyche III used to run the Tug I'm on now. He trained the Captain that is training me. I guess I'm twice removed from him in a way. We've been sitting around listening to stories about him for a few day's now. We all here have gone through the same training as far as safety goes as he did. I remember when he was redoing the teak decks up the Miami river. He spent $11,000 on the the wood. I know that the ocean will chew you up and swallow you. Right out infront of our house it destroyed the Phantom. The dang chewed up life rafts and debris washed up down the beach from us. My father in law was amongst the last people to see the captain and crew alive. Steel, cement wood and glass, when that ocean gets going in all directions and boil'n. Knocking you every way to side way's, there is little hope for any design regardless of the material. The Pride, the Bounty, the Phantom, and the Nina, all victims of bad descisions made by smart dudes. I know Capt. Dyche was trying to get that crossing out of the way so he could get back to work. I face the same dilema often when I do deliveries off hitch. I think people get complaicent on what their boat can handle after they handle some stuff. I know I do.

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