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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
These points arn't meant in a negative manner, but just stating things without guilding the lilly. And eyes finds as soon as we talk about wooden boats (Bounty before this) that lots of lillys is guilded cos of old fellers thoughts of prettiness.
Well, an 80+ year old woody certainly wouldn't be my first choice for sailing around the world, either... But I think some are simply trying to make the point that, absent of any further forthcoming information, we're all just speculating about whatever might have occurred... We don't have anything remotely akin to the amount of information we had about the demise of the BOUNTY, for example... As you well know, the possibilities of what can happen at sea are virtually limitless...

Most would agree, for example, few sailing yachts are more stoutly built than a Samuel Morse Bristol Channel cutter... One departed Japan recently in a voyage intended to bring attention to the victims of the tsunami...

She was under the command of a legally blind sailor... Yeah, I know, what could POSSIBLY go wrong, right?

Latitude 38 - 'Lectronic Latitude

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
Originally Posted by JonEisberg
Yup, every photo I've seen of her is a clear indication that she was magnificently maintained...
But not including spending much money on her. Thats looks a very old engine as a replacement.
The engine previously pictured is the one they pulled out...

This brand new Cummins was the replacement...

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post

By the way, it was me who first sugested the boat would have been hauled to replace the engine. It wernt 'facts', it were conjecture. To clear up the doubt is great.

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
Therefor its an assumption the boat would have been out of the water for some considerable time... a few months in a NZ summer.
Note word: "assumption"
You'll note, as well, that my reply was in response to Harborless, for it was he who had assumed the drying-out of NINA to have been a "fact"...

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