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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

Originally Posted by Roger Long View Post
I think so. I looked at some pictures on a Wooden Boat site and they support the sensible notion of moving the old engine somewhere inside the boat (explaining the removal of the heads to lighten it), doing the extensive engine bed work shown, and then taking the old out and putting the new in on the same day. There was probably quite a bit of work involved in opening up enough of the deck structure to move the engines in and out and no point in having the boat open for a long as the structural work took. There was a lot of other stuff done at the same time according to the pictures which show a new mast step so plenty of room to move the old engine.

BTW the structure in all the pictures looks remarkably clean and well cared for.

I know that anytime I have removed a powerplant from a boat I have redone the entire space. I have done all of the ones I did in my shop, but if I were alongside a dock and my new powerplant had not yet arrived I would put the old on to one side on blocks if I had the room and then do all the prep work and when the new one came I would lift out the exchange core engine to put back on the same truck that brought the new one. Just kind of makes sense when you think about it, and since he had the space, I figure that would be what he did, because they are not going to let him just put his old engine out there on the dock, and leave it there while he refinishes the engine spaces.

I know I saw someone on here who replaced an engine and they did a great clean up job before they put in the new one. I have no idea where the old engine was during all of that, but they were on the hard, so it was probably on the ground somewhere.

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