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Re: Bob Perry's take on Wolfenzee's dream boat

Actually, Brent, it's 0.012.

And my ego is more puncture-resistant than one of your boats. Heh-heh.

Brent, here's the absolute truth: Your solutions for the 99%er who just wants to cruise ARE NOT cheaper. They are WAY more expensive, complex, and time consuming. Period.

If the goal, as you say, is to "step off the treadmill" and cruise, that 99%er would be WAY better off buying a used fiberglass boat in good shape, getting some lessons and time on the helm, then just heading off. Your trying to refute this with a "$35K" home-made steel boat is ludicrous.

However, if the ACTUAL goal of that 99%er is to build a steel boat so that he/she can go through the NW Passage or hit rocks and reefs at will - then your solutions make perfect sense.

It all depends on whether that 99%er wants to cruise affordably or build a tank.

All that said, your blocks, windlasses, etc. are definitely an ingenious use of recycled materials as long one doesn't mind the aesthetic challenges. But that's a different cup of herring than getting onto an affordable boat in a short amount of time and cruising.

As for my contribution on "cruising affordably"? Well, we just bought a fast, well-equipped, beautiful 40' sailboat for just $7K more than your "$35K steel boat"...the one we would have been building in our backyard for the next several years. See we're already cruising - not welding.

Oh, and where the hell did I say you were "selfish for beating up odd wife abusers at no benefit to yourself"? Man, you come up with some doozies! Credibility anyone?

(This message brought to you by Smackdaddy AKA Mr. Incredible.)

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
I once worked for an old wooden boatbuilder who told me "A friend wanted me to go in to bulding steel tugs ,but I didnt think those steel tugs would ever catch on"
Friends cruising Mexico and the South Pacific say many of the boats he encounters has a copy of my book on board. My name is well known among most of them, far more so here on the BC coast.
Jeff , when your criteria are low cost, speed of construction, and impact resistance, could you put together your wood and kevlar hull and decks for a 36 for $9K worth of materials, in less that a week with only one skilled worker and one unskilled, working in a backyard, which I have done for a 36? How far could you get in that time with $9K worth of materials? Would it survive a sledge hammer for as long as you cared to pound, as one of my boats will?
I found the statement about wood being as strong as steel, hilarious. Thank you for posting that. It points out clearly how far removed from reality some numbers jugglers can be. Now its up to you to tell the military that they will have to start making battle ships, aircraft carriers, tugs ,submarines and tanks out of wood as it is stronger and has more impact resistance. Then you could also do wooden gun barrels . I think they would find it as hilarious as I do. Anything less than your passing this "Breaktrhu knowledge "along to them would be treason!
When I guy discovers a way to reduce the time to get a steel shell together by 90% doesnt try to monopolize the knowledge, but trains others how to do his job, then sends enough work for one of his students to build himself two boats and build a house , forgoing all that income to go cruising , what does Smackdaddy call him ?
Smackdaddys credibility?
When he writes a book telling others how to do it ( His trade secrets) and charges the lowest price for any marine book for it , what does Smackdaddy call him?
Smackdaddys credibility?
When he charges $350 for a set of plans for a 36, while other designers charge many times that what does Smackdaddy call him?
Smacks credibility?
When he spends many years on chatlines ,offering far more affordable solutions to their problems, free of charge, at no benefit to himself , and trying to convince cruisers that using their heads instead of their pocket books to solve problems in order to maximize their cruisng play time, will get better results,what does Smack call him?
Smacks credibility?
When he offers to give his book revenues to a shelter for abused women, donates much to such shelters, out of a minimal income, gets a cop fired for advocating an abuser try a ballistic solution on his victim, at some risk and no benefit for himself,
and beats up the odd wife abuser, and helps his victims out, again at no benefit to himself, and some risk what does Smack call him?
Smacks credibility?
When he posts on several sites how to build a beter sheet block for $2 than most are paying $30 or more for, What doies Smack call him?
Smacks credibuility?
What has Smack contributed to dealing with the two biggest hurdles to getting off the treadmill and going cruising?
What is his approach to those without a lot of money trying to get off the treadmill?
Discouragement, cynicism and obstructionism, along with a lot of elitist guilt tripping.

A freind did search for best boats to buy. The Valiant 40 they repeatedly said it was one of the worst for osmosis and balsa core rot, something we dont have problems with on steel boats . Bob. Why woud they use something which rots, over high density foam, which doesnt . I dont get it.

More to come. Time for another swim then a night sail to more swimmin, for the rest of the summer.. Life is rough

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