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Re: Atomic 4

Originally Posted by travlineasy View Post
Where do I start first? First and foremost, the A4 is very reliable, extremely efficient, easy to work on, rugged, and cost efficient. When it comes time for total replacement, you could install three A4s for the cost of a similar HP diesel.

As for diesel being more fuel efficient than gasoline - not when you compare HP to HP. I'm pushing a broad-beam, 15,000-pound plus Morgan 33 O.I. with a 30-HP A4 gasoline. I get about 9 MPG at 1,800 RPM and cruise at 6 MPH on calm water. I have a friend with a similar boat, a Morgan 321, powered with a 3GM30 Yanmar Diesel. The boat weighs less, has a narrower beam and his fuel efficiency and speed are not as good as my A4. And, when it comes to repairs, the cost of replacing that Yanmar is out of this world.
These statements are just not correct. Moyer charges about $5000 for a rebuilt direct drive A4. I bought a rebuilt Universal 5411 diesel (with the transmission) for my last boat for about $3000. A larger rebuilt Universal or Yanmar would be in the $4000 to $5000 range. Pretty much a wash.

A gas engine is NOT as efficient as a diesel if you compare the same horsepowers. At the same POWER, a diesel will consume about 30 to 50 percent less than a gasoline engine like the A4. Really has to do with the diesel's high compression ratio and fuel injection vs the gas engine's lower compression ratio and poor fuel-air mixtures with a carburetor.
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