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Re: Recourse for Powerboats

Originally Posted by Harborless View Post

Seriously we need recourse. ITs different in a wide bay or channel but the ICW for example is narrow in many places forcing sailboats to stay in very tight courses. We also have the right of way so it could be a rules of the road thing where the power boaters are directly endangering life or property but throwing eggs is an act of aggression. I WANT AN ACT OF AGGRESSION!@!!! Just one that wont eat up my savings or impound myself or boat.

Think Sailnet think!
Damn, you haven't even made 100 miles yet on the ICW, and you already want to go down Retaliation Road? Time to get out of The Ditch, dude, and start sailing outside... (grin)

Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done... Maybe have a Go-Pro video cam or similar at the ready, to document any potential damage, perhaps making a big show of videotaping their pass, might give pause to some, enough to get them thinking about what they're doing...

Otherwise, learn to throw a sort of 'hip check' into their wake... Most boats that pass at speed, will throw a pretty sharp wake consisting of only a couple of waves. Most boats, if you cut sharply into the wake, but then quickly bring yourself abeam to the wake, will do little more than bob up and down... The timing has to be right, but once you perfect the technique, it will really help take the sting out of taking a wake on your quarter...

Seems like you're generally dealing with local powerboaters in smaller boats, so the following doesn't necessarily apply to you... However, during the big snowbird migrations on the ICW in the fall and spring, I'm afraid many cruisers have a big hand in bringing much of the discomfort from passing power boats upon themselves...

Never ceases to amaze, how many steadfastly refuse to reduce their own speed when being overtaken... If you expect to be overtaken by a faster vessel throwing a minimal wake, you absolutely MUST slow to a slow idle... It's stunning, how many cruisers appear to be completely ignorant of the physics at work, and the impossibility of passing a sailboat running at 7 knots with a 60' motoryacht, without the latter having to throw them a sizeable wake...

I have little confidence in calls to the CG producing any sort of result, in anything other than the most egregious example - a serious damage to property, or personal injury, etc... In Florida, the FL Marine Patrol would probably be a better bet, they are more of a law enforcement agency anyway, and would be much more likely to respond, there's so many more of those guys out there, anyway... It's absurd to expect the CG to respond to reports of such discourtesy, given some of the distances between stations in that area of FL...

btw, in terms of the Rules of the Road, you do understand that if your engine is running, the fact that your boat has sails and a mast does not necessarily give you right of way over a powerboat in any given situation, right?
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