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Re: Bob Perry's take on Wolfenzee's dream boat

Went up to Lundenburg when I was researching "last boat". If Brent opened his mind and saw the work done by modern wooden boat builders suspect he'd walk away with a different opinion.
Similarly a visit to the Kanter yard might change his mind as to the possibilities in metal. Right near me is New England Boatworks if he wants to see whatsup in building with high tech materials.
When looking at folks with different backgrounds who sometimes say or do things which are not congruent with reality my peers often use the saying "They don't know what they don't know". Afraid this is the case here.
Agree sometimes the latest and greatest doesn't mean better in actual usage. A point Wolfie has made in the past. Personally, went with a solid, grp hull knowing I expect to voyage. Thinking was easier to maintain and importantly easier to repair without requiring the level of equipment/skill that may not be found where I may be. Also easier for me given my knowledge level to know if effective repair was made and make repairs/maintain myself. I don't carry a Miller-matic on the boat. Do carry glass, resin and epoxy.
When doing detailed budgeting for wood/epoxy, cold molded, strip plank, steel, aluminum, cored, solid glass, high tech composite, one off, production, semi custom and analyzing annual costs with residual value think I made the right choice for us. The quality of life aboard my boat is actually as good or better than in my 4000+sqft house. That's a statement I think few in Brent boats can make and we will be sailing into our senescence (g-d willing and the creek don't rise ).
In short, you can have a smart phone and choose to not download a zillion apps but to still be functioning in an analogue world is to not accept the world as moved on. Believe he is a Luddite even in the metal boat world.
P.S.- read an article from the owner of the Waterline shop in a trade rag. Very interesting discussion of the realities Brent refuses to accept. Wife tossed out all the bathroom reading so can't give a citation. Basically, steel is very viable as a boat building material at 40+ft. but needs to designed by a NA skilled in it's use and a yard skilled in it's construction. The issue isn't steel it's the denial of basic physics.

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