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Re: raymarine service sucks

I am having serious problems with Raymarine's service as well. I've had major problems with my Raymarine installation since I got it, and I've been unable to make contact with their support at all.

Backstory: I stay extremely busy with my job and other obligations, which means most of my time for messing with the boat is at odd hours and an irregular schedule; I frequently have to put boat projects on a haitus for a while. As far as I know, my Raymarine system is configured in the preferred way, in a normal setup, with no legacy baggage or compatibility with third-party hardware; everything should just work.

1) I sent a support ticket to Raymarine late last year: Problems Installing SP X-5 Tiller and p70r[Incident: 2EFFF9D5CACC]. I've never heard back. I checked the web interface for ticket status, and looks like the contents of the ticket have been 'wiped.'
2) Last week, I sent a forum post to their forums with essentially the same information. This afternoon, I observe that the forum post appears to have been deleted. There is no response that I can discern.
3) I attempted to call them, but I stayed on hold for about half an hour, and the automated voice said that if it's longer than 20 minutes, I should just leave a message. I didn't, because my schedule is really full right now, and I don't have the option of having a potentially long personal phone call come it at some random time.

Prior to attempting to contact Raymarine, I'd spoke with the local Raymarine dealer a few times on the phone; I wasn't really getting what I needed from them. I think they don't normally do stuff for sailboats or something, despite claiming to be a large dealer. They had only a vague idea of what the deal with my problem was, and suggested that maybe I should apply updates--which is not readily possible for me, because Raymarine doesn't seem to make updates that are compatible with the latest series of its MFDs. (?!?!?) They also seemed to think that at least one of my problems we the way it's supposed to be (broken). The entire experience made me feel like they weren't really the right people for me, and that I was better off talking to Raymarine directly.

Maybe the fail here is that I tried to contact them by some method other than phone, and that I wasn't willing to wait for hours on hold during the workday. (No evening or telephone support is available.)

I'm starting tofeel like the only way Raymarine's service could get worse is if they actively started coming to my boat and sabotaging my equipment while I was sleeping.

I don't really know what's going on here though. I've tried to do everything the right way; I understand how some people with serious sketchy configurations aren't always going to get a good support experience, like people who have bought some crappy off-brand thing and are trying to link it up. But I paid top dollar, and tried to get everything working right, and things are failing, due to no fault of my own (that can discern).

In case it's useful to someone, I have a SPX-5 tiller pilot, p70 control head, e97 MFD with depth sounder, iTC-5 wind tranducer, and i70 display, all running on Seatalkng, all installed to Raymarine recommended specs. The basic problem is the autopilot can't get wind data, and the autopilot has weird problems when starting up and shutting down. I also can't get it to 'jog' which is a serious problem with a tiller pilot; the manual isn't completely clear on whether this should be supported or not, but if it isn't, I can't figure out how to safely turn the pilot on.
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