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Re: Bob Perry's take on Wolfenzee's dream boat

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
Be careful with the "extreme ugliness" call. We have seeen your work.

"They all have one thing in common. They alll leave the helmsman in an open cockpit as the only steeriing option; bad seamanship, of the most naive and pretentious kind ." Brent Swain.
Brent you continue to amaze me with what you don't know.

And as for all those designers on my list leaving the helmsman unprotected, that just shows ignorance of their work. I could list designs wth protected cockpits by all of thse designers but I won't. Reality means little to you so why waste my time.

"What do you charge for plans for a 36'er?
Well Brent, that would depend on if we are talking about a custom design or one of my existing designs. For a new custom design I would charge $120 USD an hour to prepare the design and I would estimate the total cost of design at between 8.5% and 10% of the total build cost. So, if we are talking about working with a good yard I'd estimate the design fee at $34,000 USD. This price can increase if the client wants fulll 3D renderings of the interior layout. We are doing that more and more these days.

If we are talking about an existing design I would try to make sure it was a new design of mine so it represented what I am doing today and I would probably charge $10,000 USD. I would assume that I would be doing some custom work to the design for that buyer. If the buyer is not willing to spend $10,000 for the desig then I don't think he wil be willing to build the boat to my standard of finish. I value my design work highly and I will not sell it cheap. I honestly can't remember that last set of "stock plans" I sold. I think my pricing eliminates most home builders. It's not my market.

If an owner of one of my designs wants plans of his boat for reference I will sell him a full set for betweem $350 and $500 depending on how many drawings are involved. But this is not for building a boat.

But, fact is I don't want to work with home builders unless I know them well and they have proven they can build a boat to my standard. I am working with one right now. It's his second boat to my plans. He is a master craftsman. The first was a 44'er that he cruised extensively and the new boat is a 28' motor sailer, twin rudders, square top main and a fast hull with a lifting bulb keel. It's a custom design. I prefer to work with established, quality yards.

You can get some really good BBQ in Oakland. And YOSHI's down in Jack London Square is a great sushi bar and jazz club.
Yup.Great Place. I actually like Oakland alot.It has much going for it.It has some 'management' problems but there are tons of pluses the media ignores.San Francisco has become oh so pretentious and EXPENSIVE.A Sunset bungalow, built on the GI bill for $4,000 is now in the 1 million range.Nuts.As for home built boats I hear ya there.The problem is boats designed for amatures look like it.Even if well done they still have that half done look.even restoring older boats Ive seen people get delusional.As I mentioned in a previous post Ive been offered a 'free' boat. I took a serious inventory of what it needed just to get it so I could sail it on the bay and thought forget it.I saw an older alberg 30 "restored", the owner tried to put lots of wood trim on where there wasnt before an rolled on some awlgrip on the hull without proper prep.He then had in his mind a 50 foot interior on a 22' waterline and got frustrated or just worn out before it was finished. It looked like it.Definitely not like in Don Caseys book!.The only way I would build a boat is if I could work on it full time,like 40 hours a week minimum.I just cant see it being done on weekends after working all week or a couple hours a day after work.After work I am not much good for anything remotely difficult,Maybe watching Star Trek.
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