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Re: Video of a submerged object strike/boat sunk

Originally Posted by Unkle Toad View Post
you can see that there is something there the whole video, one spot where the waves keep breaking instead of the little breaks all over randomly. IF I had noticed I like to think I might have given a litte space to the turbulant spot in the water.
That's likely a mighty big "IF", there... (grin)

Hard to tell, but we can't be sure anyone was on watch in the cockpit at the time, it's not a very pretty day, after all... Wouldn't surprise me at all, if the video was edited to end just before a startled crewmember scrambles up out of the companionway...

That view affords an entirely different perspective from that of a watchstander in the cockpit, of course, and that turbulence may not have appeared to be nearly as apparent to someone at deck level... Not to mention, perhaps huddled behind a hard dodger, and a forward view greatly obscured by all those freakin' jerry cans stowed forward...

I ran a near-sister ship to a BCC south last winter, and with the blocky deckhouse, the visibility forward from a sitting position (and I'm pretty tall), is not all that great... This pic was taken while standing up, and if I had lined the rail with jerry cans and all that other crap, I would have been flying pretty blind, as well... One of the several things I hate about bowsprits, it's amazing what can get 'hidden' behind them if you don't keep routinely shifting your perspective...

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