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Re: I want a nautical tattoo :)

Originally Posted by Ulladh View Post
"The modern person who tattoos himself is either a criminal or a degenerate. There are prisons in which eighty percent of the inmates have tattoos. People with tattoos not in prison are either latent criminals or degenerate aristocrats."

Adolf Loos; Ornament and Crime (1929)

So RockDawg are you a degenerate aristocrat?
Well, I don't know what I am anymore. It is not becasue I am senile or depressed; it became irrelevant in this stage of my life. I have achieved what I said to do more than 35 years ago to my parents and later to my wife and children. We would raise our children the best way we know how and we would shape them to become a good citizen of the world. I was and still is a good provider to my family and a good mentor for my employees. I have given my very best work to clinical research to improve the quality of lives of others. Although I must say without my contributions, I am sure others would fill my place. But at the end, it was still my effort, it was still my signature in the reports I wrote found in the US FDA archives.

I changed my priority from "Family, Career and Pleasure" to "Pleasure, Family and career ($)". Children are grown. They are too busy to fight for a place in the society that will propel their career to surpass their old man's achievement. Some day , I hope i will hear them say: "Daddy, you suck. I have done better". . It will music to my ears that my children are better than me.

Growing up in Hong Kong, I spent endless hours watching the ships go by in Victoria Harbour. I was dreaming about the ocean. Father told me that there is a secret tunnel connecting China to America becasue there was a little boy lost his shoe, it was found floating in NY harbour later. And America was so fascinating and beautiful. Now, sailing to HK is within my reach.

I have never had an urge to have a tattoo, I didn't like anything on my body. I don't even wear my wedding band the day after our honey moon. As i grow older, my childhood love of the sea grows stronger. I used to swim non stop 6 to 8 hours without any floating device. I know the HK water so well just by looking the bottom of the sea floor. I belong to the water and the sea. I want to get back to the sea where I belong. I want a tattoo to remind me that becasue I can.

I know exactly who I am.

Thanks for reading.

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