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Re: Bahama entry fees are rising, again?

Last March, I actually wrote the Bahamian Minister of tourism, not to complain about the entry fee but to complain that we as cruisers see zero indication that any of this money is ever used to improve cruising. For example there are few aids to navigation for pleasure craft. The few aids they have privately owned and maintained. There are old ones which are now hazards to navigation. The light at Little Harbour in the Abacos has not worked since the hurricane (no idea which hurricane but it's almost a year at best) There is not a single current station in the Bahamas. The best one can do when you want to transit a cut is guess. I've transited both Current Cut and Dothan Cut against the flow because we got it wrong. I was told that it would be presented to the Navigation Committee and they would look into it. So far nothing.

Last year I talked to Troy of Harbour View Marina in Marsh Harbour and the marina operators are very aware of the negative impact increasing fees will have. The main influence on the reduced number of cruisers going to the Bahamas has been the US economy and that has hit the Bahamas very hard. It's always a juggling act. The bottom line is you want to increase or maintain revenue. So if your customer base is down raise the rates but this will further reduce your customer base and in the end you could loose big time. I've heard that Bimini suffered tremendously after the last increase.

There is also a certain smugness within the Bahamas - where else are you going to go? Everything else is too far or forbidden.

I'm not so much against the fees. I just like to see something for my money.

PS here's the email address.

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