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Re: Is Anyone Else Scared?

Originally Posted by Harborless View Post
That is one of like 8 signs posted here. Damn protected tarpon. He knows it to. Rubs it in my face every day when he swoops up for fish and i catch that long dorsal fin and sharp crescent tail.
i think i will take your advice and wimp out on the bottom scrub.
i already dived once a week back to free my centerboard i had left up and got stuck and the whole time im like ughhhhhhhhhh im so scurred. This from a guy who would fight on land willingly but its like murkey water just takes all my brave away hence the cowardly lion comment.

Spearfishing is my fav thing to do in the world! In the abacos. I guess im spoiled.

Well... deep sigh. I guess its time to get to work... oh man oh man
I used to fish tarpon. The only times I was ever concerned about the harm they might cause was when reeling them in, close to the boat, and a shark would hit and just leave the head! It wasn't the tarpon I worried about. We had a rule when we were fishing from a small skiff. If the damned thing jumps and lands in the boat, everybody overboard! We kept a couple of bats to club big fish with. The plan was to reach back in and subdue the thing. A big tarpon thrashing around in a small skiff could do some real damage. We never had to put the plan into motion. We had a couple hit the boat. Damned fun fishing. If you hook a really big one and it stands up shaking its head, 10 yards from the boat, it is quite a rush. We usually cut them off after a while because there is no point in landing them. Unless you are hoping to win a car in the old St. Pete tournament.

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