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Re: O'day Tempest keel / hull joint

I didn't work on the boat at all last year but got back on it this year.

This past weekend I finished the keel joint repair and thought I'd list out the steps I took here in case someone else goes about the same challenge:

First, background:

There was a shoddy repair of this joint that seemed to retain water better than a camel.

The repair consisted of the use of 5200 in the joint, encased with a very light fairing compound on top of bottom paint on both the hull and the keel. That was surrounded by a couple of wraps of fiber cloth with epoxy, more light faring compound, an thick barrier coat topped off with VC17.

My repair consisted of:

1) Grinding out the old repair. (I chipped all the 5200 I could get to, I figured if I couldn't get it out after 3 days then Neptune intended for it to stay.)

2) Removing all bottom paint.

3) Sandblasting the keel.

4) Wetting out the join with epoxy and putting a coat of epoxy on the entire keel.

5) Using 406 filler with epoxy and filling the joint.

6) Applying 4 more coats of epoxy on the keel.

7) Using 407 filler with expxy as a faring compound. << This is the step I am at right at this moment.

I plan on adding a couple of coats on any area that seems to have a thing gel coat or where I may have sanded through.

I then will fair the keel and the hull smooth.

And finally apply Interprotect as a barrier coat and apply VC17m.

How does that plan and repair sound?
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