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Re: Danish Sailing Vessel taken by pirates

Originally Posted by djaustralia View Post
If the americans and the UN want to get serious, send an aircraft carrier in for a year or 2! I have no doubt the pilots on said carrier would relish the oppurtunity to get some worthwhile target practice and serve the greater boating/shipping community at the same time. It sounds like fun to me and for the cost of having many naval vessels on patrol with limited abilities it would be better to have 1 carrier based central to the action and send out the jets when distress signals are intercepted. I could see pirates finding another career pretty quick with a carrier on the loose. Why don't shipping companies mount big cal' mini guns on their ships for a start. Their insurance companies would surely encourage this and the crews could sleep easy. As for red tape I think it's crap! This is the modern world, why are we tolerating this sh!t. If pirates want to commit such acts then they deserve whats coming to them, death at sea or loss of all assets and a long time behind bars in a third world prison.
The US Navy, as well as other NATO Navies are routinely off the Horn of Africa, and they can see the pirates onshore, just waiting for them to go over the horizon. Its just not practical or finacialy responcible right now to park a flat top there for 1 year or more. That costs a lot, and we are broke.

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