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Re: Bob Perry's take on Wolfenzee's dream boat

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
That's great that you sent all those plans and books to Holland. Can you show us some of the Dutch boats that were built to your plans? Just four or five would be sufficient. But back up your claims. Your BS is growing tiresome.

I thought we were done talking about shooting boats. I don't like shooting boats. I would never do it. I know it's important to Brent but it has never been important to any of my clients. Maybe Brent has some kind of gun fetish. Why are we even talking about shooting boats. If I was being attacked by a boat and I had a gun I might, just might, shoot the boat in self defense. Of course I'd try my martial arts skills on the boat first, a leg sweep, a few empi (if the leg sweep didn't work), maybe a muashi geri or a jodan zuki. But if those failed I'd shoot that boat. I could get into this but I'd stop short of shooting the poor boat.

What a totally ridiculous argument that has absolutely nothing to do with yacht design. But Brent thought it did. Whacko.

My theory is that when Brent is caught in one of his many whoppers he immediately changes the subject. He doesn't defend his previous bizarre statement he just changes the subject to some abstruse and non sequitur subject. But it works for him. Here we are talking about shooting boats with wooden gun barrels.

You crack me up Brent. You are at least entertaining.

I wear blue jeans every day. What does that prove? Nothing.
What we are talking about is impact resistance and claims that wood is stronger than steel. Sorry for talking over your head with my comparisons ..
When you talk about charging $34,000 for a set of plans , you are talking about screwing a wannabe cruiser out of decades of cruising funds, for what, a boat that may go a quarter knot faster? Naive decorative priorities from someone who has never done any of the kind of cruising his clients hope to do, who has zero hands on boatbuilding experience ? You learn a lot getting your hands dirty about the best way of doing things which you would never learn from drawing pictures.How useful will that quarter of a knot be compared to an extra $34,000 in the kitty?
I would never consider screwing a client out of money which I don't need, and in the process, screwing them out of their cruising dreams .I charge $30 an hour, which is all the money I ever need out of a job. People tell me I could charge a lot more, but why would I when I don't need the money. I get more satisfaction out of seeing them living their dream, and having made it possible, than I ever could by screwing them out of it.
I plan to train 4 more people how to build my boats this winter; youth , so I can send all my work to them ( ya I know Smackdaddy, that is downright selfish of me)
Your reference to Karate is hilarious . Been there done that. Karate is a joke , as useless as a one legged man trying to kick ass, best regarded as a form of ballet than a martial art. I quit being a Karate sucker many decades ago. Are you still one? Sounds like more doubtful judgement.

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