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Re: Hunter 33 vs CS 30

Originally Posted by nanumea View Post
Thank you all very much for your answers. I appreciate your help as I'm an experienced sailor from germany and not that familar with hunters and cs because they are built in north america and I recently came to Canada.
@ killarney sailor: we are located in Toronto and we are looking for a cheaper but solid boat for our voyage. would you recommend a specific boat you have experience with?
That is a more difficult question than it might seem for a couple of reasons. One is that kind of boat people want for summer cruising on the lake is very different conceptually than a boat for extended cruising. The other is that when the loonie was worth 65 cents US, Americans came shopping here and bought a lot of boats. Now, of course with the Canadian dollar much higher the movement of boats has reversed a bit, which may explain the Hunter if it here. When we were looking for a boat for extended cruising the only suitable boats we saw in Ontario were a Nagara 42 and a Bristol 41.1 and they were grossly overpriced. The mechanism for buying a boat in the US is quite simple. The only problem is that when you actually bring the boat into the country you must pay HST (and duty if the boat was not built in Canada or the US). We bought our boat in the US and she has never been in Canada so no tax.

When we were looking for our previous boat we short listed the Niagara 35 and CS 36 (different designer from the 30 and quite a different boat, there is also a CS 33 that is like the 36 I think and a Niagara 31 which looks like the 35 but is quite a different boat). Don't know if your budget would extend to one of these boats but I would not limit myself only to these. See what is available in nearby US - we looked from Maine to the Chesapeake and in the Maritimes too. Might look at Bristol 35.5 and Wauquiez 35 too. I just don't know boats in the 30 to 33' range well-enough to make a suggestion.

Forgot to say we bought a Niagara 35 Classic and quit liked it which is why we started out search with the N42.

Forgot #2 - there are two completely different CS36s. I was referring to the older one, the 36 Traditional.
Back in the water in Grenada - with new main and #2 and cockpit canvas (Santa came early). Will spend the winter and early spring in the Caribbean and then head to Bermuda and the northeast US. Still trying to decide if we will bring the boat to Canada, either in 2015 or 2016.

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