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Re: What do I do if someone anchors too close?

Errr why didn't you move?

Imho you are at least 50% to blame. Maybe/propably more.

If the boat anchored and you saw it was too close before it hit you then you had the option of moving. If you chose not to move and there was nobody aboard the mobo then you are mostly to blame for the damage.

Yes you were there first but the doctrine of a reasonable man applies'. You could have mitigated or prevented the damage.

I am in my 11th year as a liveaboard cruiser almost all of it spent on the hook. I have moved several times to avoid being hit. And yes it was mostly some numpty on a mobo who either did the 2 to 1 trick or had an undersize anchor, some times both.

However the most memorable one was in Nassau and was the subject of some quite involved litigation. A fair size mobo arrived and anchored. He let out plenty of scope say 15 to 1 rope of course and settled back into a hole amongst other anchored boats before going ashore. Now those of you who know Nassau know it has a strong reversing tidal current that runs through the anchorage. The pilot guides all mention it and the need to anchor 'Bahamian moor style' which is two anchors set at 180 degrees, inline with the currents. All the other boats were on Bahamian moors. The tide changed and the current reversed with a fair breeze blowing at 90 degrees. What ensued can best be described as boat pinball. I was on the edge of his swinging circle and was able to shorten one anchor chain and lengthen the other to move out of range.
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