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Re: What do I do if someone anchors too close?

Originally Posted by northoceanbeach View Post
Yeah. I think I said I woke up to see a boat anchored right next to me about four feet away and closing. I was on the deck with my arms pushing in a second and that's the only reason the damage was minor. Then I spent two hours fending, at which time if I stopped fending we would have hit again. So I couldn't really get out of there because I had to keep the boat off.

TQA I guess this guy was using that tactic. Throw your anchor on top of someone else while they are sleeping, then head into town without any sort of anchor watch, and if you hit anybody it is their fault and they have to move. Maybe everybody should do that, it's a good way to get the best spot when you show up to a popular place on the years busiest holiday.

It wasn't my fault. When I went to sleep there wasn't a boat for 100 yards and that closest boat is my friend.

Even if I could have moved where am I going to go? It's the fourth. The marina is overflowing. The anchorage is jammed packed. Thats why this yahoo anchored next to me.

3:1 scope is sufficient in this anchorage. Even the well respected wagoners cruising guide says so. I can't very well let out 400 feet and take up the entire bay here.
I agree that waking up to find someone about to hit you is not good.

However I do stand by what I said, I think you are partly to blame for not moving. Other posters here clearly have alternative views.

Was there nobody else around that could have helped? I guess I am used to being around places where the cruisers help each other out. Someone in your predicament would have soon have had several people in dinks poling up to help you even if you were not able to put out a call for help on the VHF.

In a similar situation I have let out more rode to drop back behind the culprit before moving. To avoid colliding while pulling up the anchor I dropped a kedge at an angle. I was single handed at the time and without an anchor remote so the kedge was the easy option.
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