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Re: Hunter 33 vs CS 30

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
James James always with the personal assasination. I have grown to expect it from you. Certainly your post has nothing to do with the thread and is unecessary. Cant you contain your venom or feelings?

Just to set the record straight about my credentials, because no one deserves to be lied about or denigrated like you did. Least you could state the truth here. Statements left unrefuted may become fact in some minds.

In the last 30 years besides owning a sailboat, I have done 2 Atlantic Crossings, a Carribean 1500, a number of deliveries as crew up and down the Atlantic seaboard, chartered places multiple times including Tortolla, Chicago, and Long Beach California to Catalina Island for weeks at a time. Guess what James, all with multiple days and night sailing. No fear of that here at all, just enough common sense not to fall asleep at the wheel by myself near the coast like you in an ill equipped vessel with a lack of experience. In addition for 8 years I crewed on one of the most successful boats in Annapolis in the Wednesday noight races. I dont like to tout my credentials or experience, but you sir and I are on different wavelengths. I still am learning from others and are humbled by people like Jon and Dave who deliver vessels for a living. I am humbled by Charlie about boat refurishment. I am humbled by Maine about Electrontics.

Since being married 8 years ago to a woman who couldnt swim, let alone ever sailed, we have averaged over 3000 nm a year on our little 35 footer cruising the New England and the LI Sound every summer as well as the Chesapeake, and the Carribean ( Charter). My goal has been to give my wife the time and the chance to enjoy, love the boat and slowly gain experience to develop confidence for the goal of a larger boat and cruising the Carribean as retirement is on the horizon. During this periods we have spend all night on the ocean as well as the Bay in transit. Of course we were properly equipped and alert. Safety always first. I will have no need to go it alone as my wife is my partner and companion. It is important to know how to transit inlets safely ( every bluewater sailor knows that), and our trip to NE is a vacation so there is no need on it to take huge hours at sea when we can sail 30-50 miles and enjoy a quiet anchorage, a good restauarnt, or a quiant town.

James we arent even in the same ocean for sailing experience. Sailing around the great state of Delaware is not much experience. Doing it while sleep deprived on purpose is unsafe. Thats ok as SN has many levels and I have learned from others on here with less experience as well as more. I dare say my wife has much more overall experience than you have and as she continues her learning curve with off shore trips continues to amaze me at her grasp of sailing and the love for the open ocean. You may never have a chance to even keep up with her James. In addition how sad to have to go it alone and not be able enjoy these great explorations with your partner.

I guess this refers to the Sailnet Rondevous my wife and I help organize annually for the last 5 years. I am happy and also proud to bring sailors together. No need to divide them up like you with negativeity. I guess because my wife is involved with sailing,,and my nature, the social experience SN has provided us with meeting people is important to both of us. We have made some great friends and met them in person on here in the Chesapeake, in the LI Sound and in California, and yes even rafted up and had wine and cheese and good commradiere. I dont see that as a negative. While I may not always play well with others on here ( but look who it is I dont) I value and cherish the sailing friendships I have made in person.

In the future feel free to PM me with personal stuff like this, its not a courtroom and you really arent on display here, and it really doesnt stay with the theme of the thread. I would also appreciate it if you would check you facts before posting continued inaccuracies.
Daggers are out, touche'
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