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Re: I want a nautical tattoo :)

I just realized almost all of my tattoo stories involve butts. Paging Dr. Freud...

So, let's have another!

The only tattoo I really wanted but didn't get involved another butt. Mine. We were running shore power after returning from sea. As is always the case, you end up rearranging the cables all over the pier to get them all laid out nicely before you're through, and those suckers are HEAVY. (3-strand 400MCM, ten of them, for as many lengths as it takes to make the connections.)


I had one cable by the head and was dragging it rearward when "TSSSSSSS!" I heard the sizzle before I felt it, and actually smelled the burning aroma at the same time. I jumped about two feet into the air, swatting and slapping my butt because I was sure it was on fire. I'm glad my dear old Mom wasn't there to hear what I was shouting through gritted teeth.

I had backed right into capped steam riser. The round cap branded a perfectly round shape right onto my butt cheek. I'll spare you the details, but when it healed it was a perfect, solid red circle, bright red as Rudolph's nose.

I decided to turn lemons to lemonade and get a bonsai tree tattooed inside the red circle, just like Mr. Miyagi's symbol from The Karate Kid. After all, I only needed the tree. I already had the big red sun.

It took about a year, but the red sun went away. I'm happy now that I didn't get the tattoo, or else I'd have this inexplicable bonsai tree on my rump.
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