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Re: Bob Perry's take on Wolfenzee's dream boat

I have never claimed that fibrglass boats are useless. They are a huge improvemnt over wood, and fibreglass boats are extremely cheap the older ones far better built than the newer, far more expensive ones. They are often far cheaper than any steel boat you could build . All my clients know that. I tell them that. They just dont want a plastic boat in which you have to worry about running into things in the night . They just dont want the flimsy bolted down deck fittings and resultant leaks of a plastic boat. They dont want the condensation and difficulty of heating a plastic boat. Many have owned plastic boats and are upgrading to steel.
Bob , when I asked you how much ocean cruising you had done before first calling yourself a designer of cruising boats, or since ,if you had done any, you would have been declaring it loudly. No response means NONE! Dito how many boats you have built.
When I asked you and Smackdaddy what inovations you have made to help wanabe cruisers overcome the two biggest hurdles to their sucess, time and money, if you had any, you would have been declaring them loudly.No response means NONE!
You did say you start by screwing them out of several decades worth of cruising funds, right off the bat.
There have been some interesting claims made in this thread. When I pointed out that a 303 British will shoot thru 23 inches of douglas fir, but will barley make it thru 3/8th inch steel plate you back up the claim that creative accounting, Bernie Made- off style, will make wood stronger, then realizing your arguments are foolish, you childishly warp the discussion into something about shooting trees and boats.
When someone claims that, while a steel boat has survived 16 days of pounding in surf on a Baja lee shore, another pounding across 300 yards of Fijian coral, with no serious damage, in conditions which would have broken up a wooden boat in minutes, you back up the contention that wooden boats are stronger, or can be made so by creative accounting , Bernie made-off style. When you are challenged on that, you revert to your childish adolescent response of talking about shooting trees and boats again.
With such adolescent childishness, your arguments are about as credible as those made by your hero, Bernie made-off.
Avoiding and sabotaging serious discusion of such matters is dishonest, in effect, you are a liar.
When I send a set of plans and book off, I have no idea who is building and who is not unless they send me photos , along with questions, that they dont means I have done a good job of explaining things in my book and plans.
You may find photos of the dutch BS boats on the origami boats site.
Bob, When are you going to grow up?

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